Monday, March 16, 2009

Garage Sales Are Fun

Here is the "pile" of fabric I got for $5.00. There is some really nice fabric, some really strange, some totally weird and some where in the heck did they find this fabric. Look real hard because the other half of Bedlam Bazaar is lost in the fabric. I think I got my money's worth...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gulf Wars Order

Finished the 5 tunics for a guy from Ravens Fort. Included in the order were 3 caps/coifs/whatever they're called. Heavy weight linen is very heavy when you're making fighting tunics for someone who is 6'7".

Right now I'm worn out and hating wasps. Took a break from sewing last week, went outside to enjoy the wonderful weather. Got nailed in the rear by a wasp. For a 61 year old I can move pretty fast when necessary! For several days one cheeck looked like J'lo the other like a 61 year old. Thankfully almost all the swelling is gone.